Seasonal Container Design

  • Phone consultation (free)

  • On site consultation identify client likes and dislikes (Plant favorites, color palette, scale, likes and dislikes).

  • Buy containers and deliver if needed

Edible Garden & Design

  • Phone consult (free)

  • On site consultation

  • Measuring and scale

  • Designing the most efficient edible garden appropriate for each family

Landscape Design

My specialty is garden spruce up. Gardens need design maintenance beyond weekly yard maintenance. Sometimes plants grow too large for the scale of the space or plants die changing the sun available for optimum growth.  I help identify plants that are working for your garden and help clients choose plants that bring joy back into their spaces.


  • Phone consultation (free)

  • On site consultation

  • Walk the property to make a to do list of what to keep and what to remove

  • Identify favorite plants

  • Identify if edible gardens or raised beds will enhance the space

  • Discuss adding containers as art pieces in the garden, entry, exit points, patios and decks

Not in scope:

  • Structural changes

  • Hardscape