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Bhumi Garden Designs can transform your garden into a relaxing oasis.

Anju Neilju smiling and presenting a beautiful plant.
Anju Neilju, CPH

Owner of Bhumi Garden Designs, LLC

Certifications Include:
- Certified Professional Horticulturist
- Certified Gardenary Consultant

Our services include:

Landscape Design

My specialty is garden spruce up. Gardens need design maintenance beyond weekly yard maintenance. Sometimes plants grow too large for the scale of the space or plants die changing the sun available for optimum growth. I help identify plants that are working for your garden and help clients choose plants that bring joy back into their spaces.

Fine Gardening

Using horticultural practices, we can keep your gardens looking pristine all year round. Our fine gardening services include pruning shrubs and small trees, maintaining perennial and container gardens, planting annuals seasonally, mulching, and much more!

Edible Garden

Creating beautiful edible gardens is my passion. I love working with clients to select their favorite herbs, fruits and vegetables for their family and friends.

Additional Services

We also offer lawn and full garden maintenance, integrated pest management (IPM), hardscapes and softscapes (including patio, decks, walkways, water features, lighting, plants, planting, vegetable gardens, container installation, soil and mulching), and more!

From Our Clients

I had a dream of the outdoor space I wanted but no clue how to make it happen. Now as I write this, I am literally looking at that dream come true.

You have a great sense of shape, texture, and color combinations as well as a commitment to details.

Anju's ... ability to design and manage a garden that is well balanced, unique, and sustainable is great.

A container garden with purple and red flowers.