Your garden, elevated.

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Top-Rated Landscaping and Hardscaping Services in Seattle, Washington

Picture yourself lounging in a cozy chair, drink in hand, surrounded by a breathtaking oasis of flowers, birds, and lush greenery.

The sound of a nearby stream lulls you into a state of pure relaxation, while the warmth of a crackling fireplace sets the perfect ambiance. Floral scents grace the air and carry you away to a paradise of your own, while rich spices and fragrant herbs bring back memories of home.

Now, imagine that oasis of beauty right in your very own backyard in Seattle, Washington.

A garden that perfectly reflects your taste and style.

A place where you can go to seek solace or entertain friends and family.

Anju Neilju smiling and presenting a beautiful plant.
Anju Neilju, CPH

Owner of Bhumi Garden Designs, LLC

Certifications Include:
- Certified Professional Horticulturist
- Certified Gardenary Consultant

We Breathe Life into Mundane Yards

Our name, Bhumi, comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for 'Mother Earth.' It represents our mission to bring harmony, connection, and balance to everyday spaces by infusing them with the sacredness of life.

At Bhumi Garden Designs, we're dedicated to crafting outdoor living spaces that evoke a sense of wonder and joy. Whether you want to relax in comfortable seating areas or bring your family and friends together, we help you create the perfect landscape for your lifestyle.

From Our Clients

I had a dream of the outdoor space I wanted but no clue how to make it happen. Now as I write this, I am literally looking at that dream come true.

You have a great sense of shape, texture, and color combinations as well as a commitment to details.

Anju's ... ability to design and manage a garden that is well balanced, unique, and sustainable is great.