Anju Neilju was born in Kerala, India and raised on a spice farm where she was exposed to agriculture and plants first hand. Surrounded by fruits and vegetable gardens most of her childhood inspired her to get a horticultural degree and start her own landscaping and designing business.

“Creativity pushes me to think and work without boundaries, in turn creating endless solutions for my client’s horticultural needs. Good design requires a lot of creativity, thought, and several solutions before you find that one design, that special piece that speaks to my client’s vision of their garden.” (Anju, Neilju)

Anju added edible garden in 2021 with the mission of growing your menu in your yard. With proper planning, you will be surprised to see how many plants you can grow in a small dedicated space. She focuses on providing you and your family healthier tastier meals worth your effort and time.

Anju is a certified Horticulturist who is passionate about bridging us closer to nature with her amazing design skills and gardening knowledge. She is determined to help create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.